2-in-1 Dunk Tank

  • Need a fun addition to your company picnic, church picnic, or any other special event? Then Badger Bouncers has the thing for you!

  • Badger Bouncers is proud to introduce our 2-in-1 Dunk Tank! This custom built dunk tank offers the dunker the choice of traditionally throwing a baseball or a new feature to our dunk tank, shooting a basket to get the dunkee soaked!

  • The ease of accessing the tank allows more people the opportunity to be the dunkee!

  • In addition, this one of a kind dunk tank shies away from the traditional dunk tank in that the dunkee is no longer suspended over water! Instead, the 2-in-1 Dunk Tank has a toilet above the dunkee. When the arm is tripped or the shot made the toilet will then flush over the head of the dunkee.

  • Due to the low amount of water needed (30-40 gallons) warm water may be used to fill the 2-in-1 Dunk Tank.

  • Badger Bouncer's 2-in-1 Dunk Tank is for outdoor use only.

    The 2-in-1 Dunk Tank is perfect for company picnics, church picnics, end of the school year parties, group meetings, or any other event you could think of. Imagine flushing the toilet on your boss, favorite teacher, friends, or even your pastor!

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