Wet Blaster

The Wet Blaster is a fun way to get wet. It incorporates racing one on one with a friend, popping balloons, and water all in one fun-packed game! Two competitors line up at the pumps, each person pumps as fast as they can, the only twist is, your pumping the balloon above the other persons head!!!

Visit our YouTube page to see videos of the action.

4x4 Balloon Blaster

The 4 X 4 Balloon Blaster is a fun race against your friends. Four competitors line up at the pumps and get ready, get set, GO! And the fun begins!

Table Games Galore!

Rent One, two or all of our table top games to make your event a huge success. The games come with all of the necessary parts to play and four legs to stand it up on the ground. These six games are sure to be a big hit with all age groups.

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