Sticky Wall Bouncer

Participants wear a multi-colored, striped sticky suit, which has corresponding Velcro straps, and sprint down the runway. After they get some air with a good bounce, guests will find themselves hanging around on the 13-foot Velcro wall.

Dimensions: 12'4" X 22'2" X 13'2"

   Tiki Climbing Wall

This climbing wall is fashioned after the famous Easter Island sculptures. Tiki Island features two climbing areas where climbers are challenged to scale the rock surface. Mountain climbing equipment is used to ensure safety.

Dimensions: 28 x 24 x 24

Sumo Fun for Everyone

Have a great time with these Sumo Suits!!! Perfect for any party or event (as much fun to watch as it is wrestle).

Rock-n-Roll Joust

Players enter the arena and climb onto the raised center pedestal for a jousting match. Players will have to rock and roll to maintain their balance as they battle.

Dimensions: 24' X 21'4"


Enter the boxing ring and take on your friends with the brand new Badger Bouncers Giant Boxing gloves. The gloves come with a ring/bounce house.

Dimensions: 8' x 13' x 13'

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